Care Guide

Care instructions for our items are basic but vital for the longevity of your garments.

We have tried and tested our garments and know they will stand the test of time providing they are cared for correctly.

The Golden rule - COLD WASH ONLY. Washing garments in anything but COLD will impact on the longevity of the prints and yes, we have tested this so we know what it looks like when this hasn't been followed.

OK now we have covered the main rule lets look at a few other things to ensure your prints keep looking fresh into the future.

  • When cold washing, wash them inside out.
  • DO NOT tumble dry, we repeat DO NOT tumble dry. We all know how nice it is to pop on a nice warm jumper in winter straight out of the dryer. You may be cozy but your print will be sad or may not be there at all.
  • Dry inside out in the shade.
  • DO NOT iron over the print.

Follow these simple steps and your print will keep you looking FRESH!